Assignment #5- Photography

February 23, 2009

For this assignment i have chosen the food photography of Michael Ray. Ray is based in Pittsburgh, PA and specializes in photographic lighting techniques. His work is used for advertisements. packaging, recipe cookbooks, and specialty publications. For more information on Michael Ray, please visit (all images are from this website as well).




This untitled photo by Michael Ray is a very powerful. Because the background is a blur (shallow depth of field) emphasis is created on the middle sandwich. Also due to the photo being a close-up, the sandwich is shown in great detail and ends up looking very tempting.



This ,also untitled, image by Ray is eye-catching. Capturing the smooth lines with a cool background causes the viewer to think of the drinks as a luxury. The elegant glasses complement each other well and form a sort of symmetry. also of note, If this picture was taken with a front on view it would not have looked as aesthetically pleasing.



This image, also untitled, also has a great deal of emphasis. With a white background, white plate, and small veggies, they hotdog is emphasized. Because this photo was taken up close, one can see great detail in the bun, mustard, and hotdog itself. This effect causes the reader to view the hotdog as a succulent  morsel that one would die to enjoy.


This is my attempt to re-create an image done by Michael Ray (The original is above).  Although I gave it my best shot, in order to properly re-create the original image, I need a white plate. I also was unable to turn off the flash on my camera causing the shadow, need t0 take the image closer, and from a slightly different angle.


Assignment # 4- Bliss Pop

February 15, 2009

Bliss Pop Advertisement

For this group assignment, my partner, Phillip and I chose to examine the symbols and art of the Haudenosaunee (Iroqouis) Confederacy. The Haudenosaunee are an American Indian confederacy consisting of the Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Mohawk, and later the Tuscarora tribes. Before european contact, the Haudenosaunee controlled territory from nothern pennsylvania to Toronto. The following pieces are both classic and contemporary Haudenosaunee images. These pieces draw on many  elements and principles of design. However the elements that seem to reoccur most often are emphasis, pattern, and unity. 


Assignment #2

February 2, 2009